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“Helping anesthesia professionals ensure the health of their patients AND the planet”

Our Mission

Assist anesthesia professionals in taking the largest step in the history of Anesthesia to reduce its negative effects on our environmental health
This will help our specialty truly look after patient well-being, both in the operating room and in their daily lives.
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Be the only anesthesiologist-led company specifically for anesthesia professionals and healthcare facilities to address reducing anesthetic emissions and provide documentation of Carbon Neutral Anesthesia practices
Carbon Stewardship Solutions is uniquely focused on specializing in anesthesia emissions reduction and decarbonization strategies.
We use only those practice recommendations that have been vetted in the “real world” by our founder, who is a practicing physician anesthesiologist.
Only recommendations that do not compromise safe patient care or add excess burdens to anesthesia professionals will be provided.
We assist anesthesia professionals in becoming leaders in healthcare sustainability.
In addition to working with individual anesthesia professionals, we work with anesthesia groups and healthcare facilities in their larger scale efforts at carbon reductions in the perioperative environment.
We enable anesthesia professionals and healthcare facilities to gain a competitive business advantage by providing decarbonization and carbon offset strategies as well as documentation of such practices.
Additionally, we serve as the bridge between conscientious anesthesia professionals and regenerative farmers in a way that allows anesthesiology to become the first medical specialty with the potential to be fully carbon-neutral. This is accomplished by using carbon offset credits from the Carbon Credit Farmer’s Market
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Help save family farms across America by providing economic incentives to implement carbon sequestering practices which offset anesthetic emissions
With your decision to pursue Carbon Neutral Anesthesia, and your participation in the Carbon Credit Farmer’s Market, you will provide a conscientious group of farmers with economic incentives to implement further regenerative agricultural practices on their land. These regenerative practices are some of the best tools available in the fight to sequester the carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions created by anesthetics. Purchase of these carbon offset credits also sustains these family farms which help feed the world.
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The Bad News

The specialty of Anesthesia is one of the leading causes of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions in healthcare. It is estimated to contribute up to 1% of the total U.S. CO₂ Footprint.

The Good News

There are ways to greatly reduce the CO₂ footprint of anesthetics WITHOUT compromising patient care.

The Great News!

Once you have reduced your emissions footprint, we provide additional opportunities to offset the remaining environmental impact of your anesthetics so that you can deliver fully Carbon Neutral Anesthesia if you so choose.

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“Of all the questions which can come before this nation, short of the actual preservation of its existence in a great war, there is none which compares in importance with the great central task of leaving this land even a better land for our descendants than it is for us.”
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